JOOLA Premium Pickleball Paddle Overgrip (4 Count)

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The JOOLA Premium Paddle Overgrip is the pickleball accessory every player needs. Keep your pickleball paddle grip fresh by wrapping the grip tape over the original paddle grip. Instantly refresh your grip with a tacky feel and moisture-absorbing properties to keep your grip secure and confident when the competition heats up. Roll includes 4 JOOLA Premium Overgrips and finishing tape.
Infographic: JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus CFS 16 with JOOLA Premium Overgrip next to it. Text: Perform at your best. JOOLA Premium Overgrip. Contains 4 overgrips. Improved control and feel. Increased durability.
Pickleball grip tape can be easily added on top of your existing paddle grip. Adds extra thickness for greater control and more confident grip. Makes the handle feel brand new.

Infographic: White JOOLA Premium Overgrip in packaging (Left) pictured next to Overgrip without packaging (right) Text: Enhance your performance. Tacky surface, soft feel, reduces vibrations, moisture-absorbing.
Maintain a comfortable grip and prevent any slipping from sweat thanks to the enhanced tacky feel & moisture-absorbing nature of JOOLA paddle grip wraps. Soft feel reduces vibrations.

Infographic: 4 different JOOLA paddles with their handles picture next to each other. Text: Fits any paddle size. *Paddles sold separately. Keeps your grip fresh and clean. Reduces impact on the wrists.
Durable and lasting paddle overgrip. Ideal for other racket sports such as squash, racketball, or tennis. Fits standard sized racket handles.

Infographic: 5 images showing application steps. Image 1: Attach tapered end Image 2: Wrap grip Image 3: Cut to size Image 4: Apply finishing tape Image 5: Replace rubber neck ring
Apply to handle, tape it off, and done! Each pack includes grip tape for 4 pickleball paddles along with finishing tape.

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